Release: Green Launches 1st Campaign Ad of General Election

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 12th, 2018 

MA-3 candidate and Pepperell businessman Rick Green launched the first campaign ad of the general election cycle this morning.

The ad, released in 90-second web and 30-second television versions, features Green and his brother, Mike, stuck in traffic on the Rourke Bridge, in Lowell, MA-3’s largest city.

The Rourke Bridge was built in 1985 as a “temporary” structure, but still remains in the state at which it was built in 1985. The bridge has drawn daily frustration from motorists for decades.

The ad shows Rick and his brother getting ready to cross the Rourke Bridge. Stuck in traffic - a daily occurrence for MA-3 commuters - Rick challenges his brother, betting him he could swim across the Merrimack River before his brother can drive across by car. 

On the other side, soaking wet, Green states: 

“My name is Rick Green and I’m running for Congress. Our roads and bridges are supposed to speed traffic up, not slow it down. As a business owner, I know what it takes to plan, budget and execute. When I get to Congress, I’ll make our infrastructure my top priority. It’ll create jobs, grow the economy, all while improving public safety and the environment. Let’s get these roads and bridges fixed. It’s time. Has anyone seen my brother?!?"

Rick Green believes that Massachusetts' roads and bridges should be speeding traffic up - not slowing it down. Planning, budgeting and executing a comprehensive plan to fix the Rourke Bridge, the Concord Rotary and Route 2 are all top priorities of Green’s, and he is singularly qualified as a logistics professional and successful businessman to fix them. 

The ad underscores the proactive, non-partisan, solution-oriented approach Rick will bring to Congress to solve problems. While the other side is busy fighting over who won the primary, Rick is focused on the real issues impacting Massachusetts voters. 

His passion for fixing things has helped him grow 1A Auto from a small business in his brother Mike’s garage into one of the country’s largest online auto parts sellers in the country, employing over 500 people, based in Westford, MA. 

"The people of Massachusetts want their elected officials to focus on issues that impact their day-to-day lives" said Green. "The roads and bridges in our district need to be fixed, now. In Congress, I'll make infrastructure a top priority."

The ad was made by UPFRONT Strategies, led by political admaker Josh Sharp.

 The ad, titled “Let’s Fix It,” is linked HERE. A 30-second version will run on television beginning today. 

Dante Vitagliano