RELEASE: State Rep. Jim Lyons Endorses Rick Green


Dante Vitagliano

State Representative Jim Lyons (18th Essex District, which includes Andover) endorses Rick Green, candidate for Congress in the Third District of Massachusetts, citing his business background, his 'Fix It Now' plan to repair crumbling infrastructure, his determination to tackle the region's opioid epidemic, and his support for the rule of law against 'sanctuary state' policies.

Lyons said Green, the co-founder of 1A Auto, one of the country's largest online auto parts companies, understands the economy and knows how to create jobs. He praised Green for making infrastructure repair a cornerstone of his campaign, and for pledging to hire as part of his congressional staff a person whose sole responsibility will be to coordinate local, state and federal efforts relating to the opioid epidemic. He applauded Green's opposition to "sanctuary state" legislation that would restrict cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities.

"Rick Green is exactly what this district needs. He has the right background to bring jobs to our cities and towns, tackle the opioid epidemic with a fresh set of eyes, help those suffering from addiction, and fix our region’s crumbling roads and bridges. His background as a successful entrepreneur gives him the skills to get the job done for the people. He will uphold the rule of law against misguided 'sanctuary state' policies that make Massachusetts less safe. Third District voters can count on him to keep our economy revving and make our home a better place."

"I appreciate the endorsement of Representative Lyons and I thank him for his support," said Green. "Coordination with local officials is essential. We must work together to address problems. There is no problem the people of Massachusetts can’t solve. I look forward to working with Jim Lyons to empower the 3rd District with more and better jobs, repair our transportation infrastructure, and address the epidemic of drugs in our neighborhoods."


Rick Green is the Co-Founder and CEO of 1A Auto, one of the country’s largest online auto parts companies. Rick and his brother Mike founded 1A to help people repair their own cars. The company succeeded due to one crucial innovation: 1A empowers their customers with a comprehensive series of practical how-to videos, free on their website.

Rick and Mike built 1A from nothing more than their shared passion for cars and the Green family work ethic. Today, 1A employs more than 450 people nationally, including at locations in Pepperell, Littleton, and Westford. It is the single largest seller of auto parts on eBay. 1A Auto’s more than 5,000 how-to videos have more than 250,000,000 views.

Rick is a graduate of North Middlesex High School in Townsend, MA. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University, where he played wide receiver on the varsity football team. After college, Rick went to work in the aerospace industry, quickly finding his way to the most prestigious employer in that field, NASA.

While Rick was completing an MBA at the University of Virginia, he and Mike began to work together to build 1A Auto. Although not rocket science, Rick found building a company that empowered customers both challenging and rewarding. He enjoyed working with his brother, and he intended to raise a family of his own in Pepperell.

Today, Rick lives in Pepperell with his wife Maggie and their children Finlay (8), Tessa (6), and Gifford (4). He is a Cub Scout Den Leader and a soccer coach. The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, the state’s most influential fiscal and good governance watchdog organization, recently honored Rick for his service. He founded the group and served as its board chair until earlier this year.

Justin Stlouis