Release: Rick Green's closing remarks

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 10, 2018

Dante Vitagliano
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Now that the dust has settled on the MA3 race, I’d like to share my final remarks of congratulations to the winner and appreciation to our supporters.

Rick Green’s remarks:

Everyone, first of all, thank you so much for coming. I just got off the phone with Lori and I congratulated her. She will be the next congresswoman from the Massachusetts 3rd District. But what I want to tell everyone here first of all: it was a great campaign and I want to start by thanking our Heavenly Father for giving me the strength and energy that I had no idea was in me to run this race and not only that blessing me with me with a bottomless pit for a stomach and apparently a pretty good swimming stroke

I accomplished things I honestly did not know I was capable of and then the list starts first and foremost with my wife Maggie. This remarkable woman it was her idea to run for this seat. She knew I was going to run for something someday but she picked the seat and she was remarkable. She did everything with the kids, with the house, so amazing and  I so blessed to have her. Thank you so much.

We sent the kids home and I got a chance to talk to them. I let them know that Dad wasn't going to win and they were a little upset and then said, he's going to be able to come to your cub scout meetings and be there for baseball and they said what about Disney World and I said "That's probably back in the plans"

And I've never seen somebody get over anything so fast. They were really good. There are too many folks here to thank all of you. My entire staff, they're all right here. And then all of my supporters, folks, and my parents friends who've known me forever to the people that I met tonight, to folks in Groton who helped put signs up  this morning. You're all so fantastic again, I'm so blessed to be here tonight. Please be happy for me, mine is a life filled with joy this is a joyous occasion. Who knows what the future holds but in the meantime we should all wish Lori well. A round of applause for her. This campaign was run the way campaigns should be run. Lori and I have distinct differences on policy but it was, the debates were always done in a civil tone and a lot can be learned from a lot of folks around the country if they watch how we handled ourselves and how our opponents handled themselves as well. That being said, look, we got food here, great company, please stay as long as you'd like and enjoy and I'll be here until the last person leaves. And again, thank you to all of you. Thank you so much I really appreciate it.

Justin Stlouis