Service Over Self

Rick will never take a job as a lobbyist – ever. He will not accept a book deal, film a reality TV show, or take a congressional pension.  No man can serve two masters. Members of Congress cannot serve you and the communities you love if they are busy trying to pad their own wallets.

When in Congress, Rick will propose legislation to freeze congressional pay until we have a balanced federal budget. You have to balance your checkbook at home and at your business. The government should do the same.

Rick Green

Job Creator

Rick Green is the Co-Founder and CEO of 1A Auto, one of the country’s largest online auto parts companies employing more than 500 people with locations in Pepperell, Littleton, and Westford. The company succeeded due to one crucial innovation: Empowering customers to perform their own repairs with a series of practical how-to videos. Rick understands that pro-growth policies and free markets are key to America’s economic future. Now he is going to Congress to empower his constituents.


fix it now

In Congress, Rick will request to serve on the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee. Investing in infrastructure projects like widening Route 2, fixing the Concord Rotary and replacing the Rourke Bridge in Lowell will create jobs, eliminate gridlock, spur economic development, reduce emissions, and save lives.

While many of theses projects are the responsibility of the state, they are still subject to federal regulatory approvals. Federal regulations can as much as double the cost and time it takes to complete critical transportation initiatives. Rick will cut through the regulatory red tape so we spend our resources fixing - not waiting.


tackling the opioId epidemic

It seems no one has been left untouched by the scourge of opioids in our neighborhoods that has claimed thousands of lives. Many great peopleacross the district are focused on treatment, prevention and education. As congressman, Rick will introduce accountability and leadership by appointing a senior level staffer to coordinate state, local and federal efforts with community-based organizations.

Rick understands that narcotics are a distribution business. As an entrepreneur who created a world class distribution company he is uniquely qualified to disrupt the supply of opioids coming into our cities and towns. He will make sure federal, state, and local law enforcement coordinate their efforts so we can get this garbage off our streets and keep our children safe.


A family man

Rick lives in Pepperell with his wife Maggie and their children, Finlay (8), Tessa (6) and Gifford (4). He is active in the community as a Cub Scout Den Leader and a baseball coach.


Rule of law

Rick welcomes legal immigration as a positive force that has brought enterprising people to America from around the world, but he says no to illegal immigration because it undermines the rule of law. Sanctuary cities make the problem worse by increasing pressure on federal law enforcement and border control. Instead, we should fix the system to recruit and retain skilled workers and reward legal immigrants who play by the rules in their pursuit of the American Dream.